Terms & Conditions

To secure your booking:

To secure a booking the company initially requires notice from you of your booking request. The booking will only be secured once both you and the company have confirmed the travel arrangements and the company are satisfied that the correct deposit/payment has been received into the company bank account by wire transfer.


The payment of required deposits or full payment of a reservation on an escorted or independent tour package constitutes consent to all provisions of the terms and general information contained here.

Deposit of Payment:

Reservations should be made as early as possible to book the desired holiday, Space will be secured upon receive a deposit of 25%. This deposit forms part of your final payment. Deposits can only be made by bank transfer or you may send via Western Union and should be received within 7 days of booking.

Balance of Payment:

Balance of the payment should be received 07 days from the date of confirmation.


Any amendment made to the original booking is subject to availability and if the full payment has been received and/or voucher has been issued, NO administrative fee will be applied.


Cancellation should be received in writing document by fax or email. If a tour participant cancel his/her reservation the following fees will be applies; If the cancellation is actually received in writing to Acacia Travel within 07 days of the confirmation dated is subject to 6% of the total amount received as a transaction fees of the bank.

Additionally the following scale of charges will be applied:

Days before Date of Departure % of Entire Tour Price.

Between 40 and 30 days 15%.

Between 29 and 15 days 25%.

Between 14 and 7 days 50%.

Between 1 and 7 days 100%.

No refunds are possible for No-Show.


The responsibility of the tour operator, Acacia Travel is limited. Acacia Travel, its affiliates, and agents act only as intermediaries and agents for suppliers in all functions pertaining to hotel reservations, services, sightseeing tours, travel and transportation of whatever nature, which is not directly, supplied Acacia Travel All reservations, rates, schedules, accommodations and services are subject to change. All certificates and other travel documents for travel services issued by Acacia Travel are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the supplier, and to the laws of the countries in which the services are supplied. By acceptance of participation in a tour, the tour participant agrees that neither Acacia Travel nor its officers, employees or representatives shall become liable for loss, damage, accident, personal injury, death, or inconvenience caused by or resulting from the malfunction of transportation equipment, hazards of sea, air or land, disease, local laws, strikes, any occurrence beyond the control of the tour operator, cancellation due to war, terrorist or criminal activities, imminent threat of hostilities or civil strife, acts of war or insurrection, fire, quarantines, Acts of God, delays, irregularity, theft, itinerary or schedule changes or cancellations, or for acts or omissions or default of any company or person engaged in conveying the passengers or carrying out the arrangements of these tours, or for personal dissatisfaction with itinerary or accommodations provided, or for any consequential or incidental damages, whatsoever.

The tour operator cannot accept the responsibility for loss or additional expense due to delay, or changes in schedules, or other causes. No responsibility is accepted for loss of, or damage to, baggage or any of the passenger's belongings. Baggage insurance is recommended. If the services included in the tour cannot be supplied or there are changes in an itinerary, the tour operator will arrange for the provision of comparable services. Any resulting additional expense will be payable by tour participants and any resulting saving will be refunded by the tour operator to tour participants, with due provision for the tour operator's profit. Acacia Travel reserves the right to decline, to accept, to expel or to retain any person as a member or participant of any tour as circumstances may demand it. Acacia Travel shall not be responsible for any purchases made by tour members during or outside of the tour, The issuance or acceptance of booking, invoice, receipt, or voucher, or the payment of a deposit or tour charges, shall be deemed to be consent to the above conditions, as well as to notices and disclaimers provided on our invoices, itineraries, ticket, vouchers, tour schedules, price lists, and announcements to tour members.

Claims and Complaints:

If you have a complaint whilst in Egypt you must tell the relevant person at the company (Acacia Travel) immediately, as most problems can be solved on the spot, if not you must call the MANAGER of the company.

Acacia Travel Packages Excluding:

Entry visa to Egypt upon arrival if not obtained from origin.

Any extra trips.

Important Abbreviations:

P/P = Per Person

BB = Bed & Breakfast

HB = Half Board (Breakfast / Dinner)

FB = Full Board (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)


- If you like to change, add or cancel any part of the package please inform us so we will provide you with the new amendment & the price.

- Hotel accommodation for any category is available.

- If you like to change the transportation way to be by flight, it`s available.