The Red Sea

Egypt has long beaches whether by the northern coast or the Red Sea, which particularly is the most attractive seaside destination nowadays.


It seems a long time since Hurghada was nothing more than a small fishing village and a modest shipyard ignored by the rest of the world including Egyptians, Only in the last 10 years Hurghada started to be the most popular seaside resort in the country, a favorite resort for Egyptians and visitors from all over the world. The sun shines the whole year here. Corals and underwater marine life are of the wonders of actual Egypt. The Hurghada Area enjoys wonderful hotel facilities of all categories.

Sharm El-Sheikh

Known all over the world as the most desired seaside resort in the Sinai Peninsula. The long beaches of fine sand and the wonderful marine life very near from the shore made this resort grow and develop very rapidly. There is no doubt that this place is the most important for divers from all over Facilities, like a new airport, luxurious hotels and excellent services offered by the travel agencies, are making your visit of Sharm an unforgettable experience.


which means gold, the place of virgin nature, very well known for its long beaches with coral reefs as well as the right place for windsurfing. Recently it has very well established hotel facilities of all categories, access to this place are more appropriate through Sharm El-sheikh.


Apart from having beaches like in Sharm and Dahab as well as diving facilities, Nuweiba is famous for its desert, and mountain safari sports. One should not forget its important port that would take you away from Egypt to Jordan by a high-speed ferryboat to visit Jordan and its famous historical site of Petra.